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m-v-f Financing is a partnership made available


m-v-f has always incentivized music video production. whether is investing in new ideas, connecting artists to brands and filmmakers, offering services or boosting publicity.

m-v-f is working in partnership with noodle to enable music video financing through proprietary lines of credit for artists, managers and producers. investments are repaid though music royalties and even future concerts revenue.

to start all you need is to fill out the form below. a quick assessment will determine your eligibility and credit availability. from there on, the entire process takes place in a seamless experience on the noodle app (available for iOS and Android). additional documents may be required.

once you get financed, m-v-f will follow you up through free consultations, networking and helping with all sorts of partnerships to boost your results.

how do I qualify for funding?

– a confirmed artist

– average monthly revenue of at least 25% the targeted budget

– at least 12 months of consistent streaming revenue history

– legal access to the PayPal / bank account connected to the distribution platform

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m-v-f financing is a partnership made available by noodle tecnologia ltda (“noodle”), a LLP company registered under CNPJ 37.062.752/0001-97.

noodle is a financial technology company for the music industry that offers a digital account with access to credit and intelligence products. noodle is powered by banco ourinvest s.a. (CNPJ 78.632.767/0001-20), an Authorised Bank licensed and authorised to function by the Central Bank of Brazil.